Sydney – 5 places
to visit in 24 hours

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Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Rich biodiversity, exuberant nature and diverse culture, it is often difficult to choose which cities to visit, especially when the time is short. Presuppose, that Sydney is on your list, for either a connexion or longer.
Our recommendation is that you stay as long as you can to EXPLORE what this stunning city has to offer!
However, let’s say you only have 24 hours. So, here are our tips and short itinerary to make the most of your time.

Sydney – 5 places to visit in 24 hours

Sydney is Australia’s largest city, so you can often feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. So, here we go!!

First stop – CIRCULAR QUAY

We recommend that you grab a coffee before beginning the tour. Australia is known for its coffee culture and is exceptionally good at it.
Circular Quay is easily accessible by train, bus and ferry. To get there, you can search for all the routes from wherever you are (either your accommodation or the airport) at all times.
Prepare your camera, because you will be dazzled by the landscapes.
From there, you can visit the famous Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the Museum of Contemporary Modern Art, and The Rocks, for a walk or a snack.
If you still have extra time, it is possible to take a boat trip around the bay. We guarantee you: it is breathtaking.
But continuing our itinerary…


A quick stroll around the edge of the Opera House can take you to the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of Australia’s oldest scientific institutions. It is home to thousands of plant species.
This place is amazing! The park is massive, full of places to enjoy a picnic or a relaxing stroll. And, the views are just stunning.


You’ll find this museum in a quick walk through the gardens.
Even non-museum lovers are delighted. On the outside, the architecture is already impressive and on the inside, it houses a variety of Australian and International arts. One of Australia’s oldest museums deserves a stop. Best of all, access is free of charge.

For your fourth stop, we recommend a tour of downtown Sydney – CITY

Town Hall, Queen Victoria Building, Hyde Park, Westfield Shopping, are just some of the points for you to explore.
In this area, you will find many shops, restaurants, cafes. Everything a metropolitan centre has to offer.
In addition to the architecture of Sydney’s oldest buildings, you will be impressed by the underground galleries that link one building to another. You can visit several places without even going up to the surface.

And, the evening will lead you to our last stop – DARLING HARBOUR

We highly recommend a stroll around Darling Harbour, this marina has been completely revitalised and is located in the heart of the city.
Full of life and activities, it manages to combine a relaxing walk surrounded by water and hype of restaurants and bars. The sunset in the bay is breathtaking.
And, if you still have any energy left, there are a few touristic attractions to visit. Some of them are: SEA LIFE (Sydney Aquarium), Madame Tussaud’s (Wax Museum), WildLife (Sydney Zoo) and the Australia National Maritime Museum.
Please note that you must pay for those above. There are passes available to visit them all for a more affordable price. Please, refer to the link below.

Wow, what a busy day!

We hope you enjoy and would love to know what was your favourite place.
Please let us know if you have any questions or if there are any other places that we have not mentioned here that are worth visiting.
And, if you have more time in Sydney, (which we hope you do). Stay tuned on our blog posts for more tips.
See you in the next article.



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