Coogee to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk

Coogee to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk

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Sydney breathtaking coastal walks
The stunning Sydney coastline has plenty to offer from uninhabited, sandy, paradisiacal beaches to busy beaches full of movement, facilities and people. There is a beach for every taste. Wave beaches for surfers and calm beaches for swimmers.
The best way to explore a few of those beaches in one day is walking. The coastal walks around Sydney are full of breathtaking views, amazing beaches, beautiful parks, cliffs, bays, and rock pools.
Today we are going to talk about the most famous coastal walk in Sydney.

Coogee to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk

With a distance of approximately 6 km and an average walking duration of 3 hours, this trail is considered to be of difficulty level 2, as it is all paved, but with some stairway points.
Take your water bottle, there are places to fill up along the trail and as for the bathrooms, don’t worry, almost every beach has public toilets. And don’t forget your swimmers and sunscreen.
Whether starting in Coogee or Bondi Beach, both of the beaches have easy access by public transport (bus). We recommend that you check schedules and routes as they may vary.
This time, we will start our walk in Coogee.

Coogee Beach

Famous and ideal for families and friends hangout. Besides swimming and relaxing on soft sands, it has a good picnic green area, as well as a playground and ocean pools.
There are three natural salt water swimming pools
McIver’s Baths – It’s women only, and the view is stunning, the water is salty fresh and shark-free, and there’s a couple of strips of grass at the top of the cliff where you can set up solar panel-style with a book.
Wyllie’s Baths – Ocean pool by day, wedding venue by night. Open 7am to 5pm daily.
Giles Baths- Located at the foot of the northern headland of Coogee Beach. It’s a popular swimming hole with young people and is a fun place to explore. The baths can be rough during strong surf conditions, so stay safe.

As our tour today is about the Coastal Walk, we better keep moving and the next stop is The Dunningham Reserve: best panoramic view of Coogee Beach.

Walking north of the trail, we arrive at Gordons Bay.

Gordons Bay is a secluded oasis, hidden north of Coogee Beach and south of Clovelly Beach. It can only be accessed via the Coastal Walkway
A very small beach with a lot of small fishing boats, reminiscent of a European fishing village and it is great for diving.
It is a beautiful bay with no waves. Great spot for snorkelling or diving. There is a UNDERWATER NATURAL TRAIL, that can be compared to a bush walking track in the wilderness, only it’s underwater.

Next stop is Clovelly beach

A very different and tranquil beach, one of Sydney’s smallest beaches, very popular with families and snorkellers. Concrete platforms have been constructed both sides of the bay, making it more like a large ocean pool than a beach. The concrete construction makes it a perfect spot for sun-baking.
This beach has enough parking, and next door is the famous Clovelly Bowling Club that has stunning 180 degree views of the ocean. Great place to go back and enjoy the sunset views with a drink. It’s a place that combines a bit of everything, perfect for swimming, relaxing in the sun, maybe even practise some fun jumps in the ocean.

The walk continues through the cliffs, and trails close to the sea

At this point, you will cross Waverley Cemetery. The walk is done through a coastal path and the view is incredible.
Fun fact, around the years 2017 and 2018, the coastal path was closed for maintenance after wild storms in June 2016, and pedestrians had to cross the cemetery to complete the walk.

We arrived at Bronte Beach

Beautiful beach, it is not super busy, but has everything you need to have fun. Surf waves, nice soft sand, good structure with cute cafes, expansive grasslands, and one of the best ocean pools in Sydney.
We are now getting closer to our final destination and the scenery just gets better and better.

The next stop is Tamarama Beach

One of our favourites, it is a perfect beach to hang with friends. Tamarama is often referred to as ‘Glamarama” because its where beautiful people hang out.
It is a small beautiful beach but has all the structure you need to chill and enjoy this beauty for a few hours.
It has great surfing condtions, but it is prone to strong currents. So, stay safe.
Now, back to the walk. This last part of the walk is amazing so make sure you take lot’s of pictures.

Finally, we have arrived at Bondi Beach.

The first sight will be the most instagrammable pool in Australia, Bondi Icebergs Pool. The view is breathtaking. This is not a public pool so to enter, you must pay an entrance fee.
Heading to the beach, we have a huge green lawn with barbecue kiosks, just perfect for a picnic or just to relax and enjoy the vista.
For the art lovers, the graffiti walls along the beach path are a great landmark of this beach. The Bondi Beach Sea Wall has been in operation since the late1970s and has featured a mix of street and contemporary art with strong social and political messages throughout the decades.
For the sports lover , Bondi is one of Australia’s most famous surf beaches, and also has a very cool skate park with sea views.
The north end of Bondi is where the locals go to swim and hang out, and its great spot for the afternoon sun.

Enjoy and relax

Wow, that was a big fun day. Maybe go for swim just to finish the day in a perfect note.
Or if you’re hungry and feel like a rewarding drink, Bondi Beach has countless places to choose from according to taste and budget.
We hope you will enjoy your day and see you in the next post!



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